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    Francesco Lucchese

    Architect, Founder

    Francesco Lucchese was born in Messina in 1960 and obtained his Architecture degree at Politecnico di Milano in 1985. He started his career being awarded the 1st ADI prize with a folding chair project and he founded the studio Lucchesedesign in 1985 developing Architecture projects, interior designs and product design all over the world. 
    He works as art director and business consultant for internationally renowned companies also taking care of the company's strategic positioning.
    Meanwhile he proceeds his teaching activity for Politecnico di Milano, at the Faculty of Design.

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    Alessandra Colombo

    Senior Designer

    She was born in 1980 in Varese and graduated in Industrial Design at the Design Faculty of Politecnico di Milano.
    Her thesis, investigating new lighting scenery for workplaces, won the first prize AIDI (Italian lighting association ) in 2005 for research and innovation section.
    She began her business career in 2004. Inside the team she deals with product design for Italian and international companies operating in bathroom, lighting and furniture fields.
    She also coordinates projects of corporate positioning and brand image.

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    Silvia Zenzeri


    Silvia Zenzeri was born in 1989 in Ferrara and graduated in Industrial Design of Innovation at Politecnico di Milano in 2013 with a thesis focused on an office furniture design system for a Cinese Company.
    She join the team in 2013 dealing with product design like furniture, bathroom, lighting and accessories. She focuses her activity on graphic design too with a particular attention to the brand image and visual identity.

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    Veronica Agnelotti


    Veronica Agnelotti was born in Genova in 1992, but she grew up in Monza, surrounded by numerous inspirations coming from the design world. For this reason, in 2014 she obtains the Bachelor Degree in Interior Design at Politecnico di Milano and in the same school she continues her studies graduating in Product Service System Design with a thesis that investigates the social Milanese context. In 2016 she starts her collaboration with Lucchesedesign Studio, where she helps dealing with the elaboration of concepts and the graphic design of products for interiors. 

  • GClementi

    Giancarlo Clementi



    Giancarlo Clementi graduated in Architecture in 2004 and worked for several architecture firms before becoming a freelancer. In 2012 he worked at the development of Hotel Cavour in Milan, and in 2015 he contributed to the construction of two EXPO pavilions. Today, he is a consultant for Lucchesedesign in the architecture field.

  • MBriccola

    Matteo Briccola



    After graduating in Industrial Design for Innovation at Politecnico di Milano, Matteo Briccola founded EMDOTEM Studio with Mauro Bergamaschi. The studio works on all aspects of the Industrial Design field, from furniture design to design for sports. It is also owner of an innovative patent in the water technology field. His collaboration with Lucchesedesign is mainly focused on prototipation and technical development of products.

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    Mauro Bergamaschi



    After graduating in Industrial Design for Innovation at Politecnico di Milano,  Mauro Bergamaschi founded EMODOTEM Studio with Matteo Briccola. Their projects involve several markets and contexts and they also got an innovative patent for a project in the water technology field. His collaboration with Lucchesedesign is mainly focused on concept development and user experience design.